Daddy Pete's Cow Manure (10 LB Bag)

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Daddy Pete's Cow Manure (10 LB Bag)


  • Organic Composted Cow Manure

Product Uses

Amending Soil, Lawns


Since 1988, Daddy Pete’s has developed a quality method for composting cow manure. The result: a completely organic cow manure that is odor-free and will not burn.

The manure goes through several stages of decomposition. Over a period of 40-60 days, microorganisms convert biodegradable organic matter in the manure to oxidized products. The interior temperature of the cow manure while composting reaches approximately 160 degrees F which is beneficial in eliminating weeds, seeds, and pathogens.

This 100% natural fertilizer can be applied generously anytime during the year to build a rich, humus soil. It is also a natural moisture control product.

*In compliance with USDA NOP regulations.

Guaranteed Analysis

Total Nitrogen (N) - .5
Ammoniacal Nitrogen - .25
W.I.N. - .25
Available Phosphate (P2O5) - .5
Potash (K20) - .5